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    1. Good Friday @ the Almanac

      Happy Easter from all the Almanac Team.


      Comedian Damian Callinan is offering the Almanac Community a special deal to his show, “The Merger” during The Melbourne Comedy Festival ?2019.
      Details HERE


      AFL Round 4 Reports

      AFL Round 5

      Brisbane 8.13.61 d by Collingwood 18.15.123
      North Melbourne 7.16.58 d by Essendon 17.14.116
      West Coast v Port Adelaide
      GWS v Fremantle
      Melbourne v St Kilda
      Richmond v Sydney
      Western Bulldogs v Carlton
      Adelaide v Gold Coast
      Hawthorn v Geelong


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      Almanac Soccer – Come On You Spurs!

      The wheels on the bus go round and round, but for Marcus Holt at times they bounced up and down. The Tottenham Hot Spurs caused a few anxious moments for him as the game ebbed and flowed as he drove his bus around Geelong but joy eventually came to Marcus. In the thrilling finale his beloved Spurs over came adversity and won through to progress to the semi-final.

      Balcony Banter Round 4 – Brisbane v Essendon: Bomber Blitz

      Rod Oaten was happy to see his Bombers put in a dynamic first half against the Lions, then dig in to resist a comeback before unleashing the Anthony McDonald-Yipungwuti show.

      Tiger Woods: Sport’s Greatest Comeback?

      Peter Baulderstone reflects on Tiger Woods’ win at the 2019 US Masters and how he has risen from the ashes of personal and physical betrayals. He tries to rank where it fits with the great comeback stories of Ali, Seles, Laver, Bradman, Hogan and Watson. (Simply brilliant! – Ed.)

      The All-Rounder, the Import, and the Coach who stayed – KB Hill

      KB Hill goes back a hundred years and more to bring us stories about the talented, the ‘colourful’ and the committed. The Wangaratta Football Club certainly went through some interesting times back then.

      Round 5 Preview – If you don’t mind, Umpires

      Sal runs his discerning eye over this week’s Round 5 matches as well as providing a his take on the weekend’s main races – and sends Easter greetings to all!

      Almanac (Footy) Poetry: There was a Game

      The Footy Almanac presents a further offering from Saskia Schaap as she ponders questions about our great game and their ramifications.

      Round 4: Collingwood v Western Bulldogs (Floreat Pica Society)

      Floreat Pica Society correspondent Shane Cashman makes his debut after taking in the Pies’ Round 4 clash with the Western Bulldogs. He’s an astute observer as well as an optimistic true believer.

      Haiku Bob – Round 4: the probability of falling leaves

      As is his peripatetic wont, Haiku Bob travelled to the Philippines this week to attend his brother’s wedding. And, in true Collingwood style, he managed to keep track of the game, or at least bits of it, amidst the clouds of confetti.

      Fearless 2019 Round 4: The times have changed…the festival of footy Part One

      Fearless looks at the game then (the 1990 Grand Final) and now (after four rounds in 2019) and concludes that it’s all about evolution. Have the likes of Alastair Clarkson and Brad Scott worked it out ahead of the rest?

      Almanac Rugby League – NRL Round 6: winnowing time?

      Round 6 of the NRL looks likely to separate the wheat from the chaff, an autumnal winnowing to reveal the substance of the real contenders and blow away the pretence of the hollow wannabes.

      Almanac Religion and Culture: Israel Folau, Notre Dame and paradox

      Ian Hauser has found the commentary and discussion surrounding the Notre Dame fire and the Israel Folau situation fascinating and thought-provoking. After the extraordinary scenes in Paris this week as Notre Dame went up in flames, what does all this say about the way in which centuries of history and culture, and millennia of religion interface in the 21st Century?

      Almanac Rugby League – Farewell Greg Inglis

      ‘The word “great” tends to be overused in rugby league, but I believe the word is strongly applicable to Greg Inglis.’ So says rugby league author and historian Liam Hauser as he looks back on the career of club, Origin and Test star Gregory Paul Inglis.

      Almanac Golf: Golf Capital- Masters Episode Five, Return of the Cat

      Hamish Neal shares his take on Tiger’s Masters triumph and brings us up to date on other happenings in the world of golf.

      Almanac Teams: Terry from the Footy Almanac

      Terry’s the name. Not Ted. Nor is it Terrence – that’s better left for actors. Ted is a footy name with a fine tradition, and Glen! is the man to do it justice. Read his team of Teds, then offer your own suggestions.

      AFL Round 4 – Collingwood v Bulldogs: Gritty, Gritty… Got it!

      Cricket presentation commitments didn’t help, but Sean Mortell still managed to follow developments at the ‘G on Friday night.

      Almanac (Footy) Memoir: Statute of Limitations

      Roger Lowrey has been sitting on a secret for a while. [Very entertaining debut piece! Ed]

      Round 4 – St Kilda v Hawthorn: Winning a congested and contested game

      Watching the game from work presented its challenges, but the replay was instructive, as Yoshi saw his Saints win a game they might previously have lost.

      Almanac Theatre – “The Merger” by Damian Callinan: A Review

      Mick Symons reviews the wonderful “The Merger” by Damian Callinan which is playing during this year’s Melbourne Comedy Festival. [Check out the link at the end of the review for a special ticket offer to see the show. Ed]

      Melbourne Comedy Festival – “The Merger” by Damian Callinan

      Comedian Damian Callinan is offering the Almanac Community a special deal of 2 tickets for the price of 1 to his show, “The Merger” at The Melbourne Comedy Festival 2019.

      The State of the Game: Part 3

      Why, oh, why did the spider swallow the fly? Dips wonders why, and I guess we all wonder why, but you can make up your own minds!